A Call To Regular Action

Sometimes there is a flood, and sometimes there is a mist. During the Women’s March and its anniversary, it seemed like we had an army. In social media, it seemed like twice as many wished they could go. But these people don’t often seem to return? There is a cast of people driving the resistance. Where are the rest of them?

If you are not among the people working to elect progressive people and pressure those in power to advance important causes, you are not in a movement. You are in a yearly parade. You are not in the resistance. You like to show off in a pageant. Actual resistance and revolution takes a lot more work. So work! Weekly at least, but preferably daily. It isn’t that difficult.

If you have been acting, thank you.

With this blog, I hope to help that first group figure out how to help and the second group find out a few more talking points or ideas.

I know people get tired. This isn’t about the people who have been working themselves to exhaustion. But it should not take a year to recover from your long walk with a poster. It should not take a week. Get some tea, watch a nice show. Maybe take the day off. Then stand up for something.

Later, I will work on specific suggestions, but here are some general areas the beginners can look into. There is something you can do, no matter who you are. Work to improve your life and your safety, but don’t forget to work for the life and safety of someone with completely different struggles. The resistance is united.

  • Attend a march
  • Attend a protest
  • Attend a rally
  • Create art
    • Support the resistance
    • Mock the president and others abusing power
    • Educate the public
  • Boycott an antagonistic company
  • Contact an antagonistic company to let them know of your position (Think of what happened with #BoycottNRA and expand it)
  • Donate or raise money
    • For a progressive campaign
    • For a cause
  • Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper
  • Do research and share it
    • Find out about a cause
    • Find talking points for a group
    • Look into the background of a candidate
    • Find unique or effective Voter Registration and Get Out The Vote strategies to use in your area
  • Go to a Town Hall
  • Sign up for a group and aid in their organizing: Black Lives Matter, United We Dream, Moms Demand Action, etc.
  • Recruit voters
    • Particularly seeking out the youth and minorities as they are often the least likely to have been registered
  • Educate voters on the issues
  • Educate voters about upcoming elections and candidates
    • Write postcards to voters
      • postcardstovoters.org
      • Stamp NC Blue
  • Contact your congress
    • By phone
    • By letters
    • By postcards
    • In person
  • Phonebank
  • Canvass
  • Photograph and observe protests, counterprotests, rallies, and marches
  • Translate documents and websites
  • Serve as interpreter for meetings in groups